Calling All Aspiring adults!

Are you:

   New to cooking at home and overwhelmed by where to begin?

   Don’t have someone to ask your food questions?

Ex: “Is this chicken still okay to eat?”

   Do you start off your week with good intentions and a bookmarked “quick and easy” recipe… but somehow STILL ended up with a messy kitchen and $40 worth of takeout?

Well, you do NOT need to stress any longer!  I am here to help you become the well adjusted adult I know you can be!



The Spatuless Podcast is for aspiring adults who need a little help creating meals at home that are safe to good enough to share. In each episode, we explore fundamental ideas behind cooking techniques that can be applied to any ingredients found in your kitchen to save you embarrassment, time, and money.

To help those of us that just don’t know much about HOW food works, but love to consume it, I am starting a podcast to share everything I have learned in my experience as a culinary school graduate, food product manager, certified ServSafe Food Handling Instructor and pastry chef. I will be right there with you to help you reshape the way you think of food so that you can make meals you are proud to serve your friends.  



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Spatuless (Spat-chew-less) 

The state of being when you are excited to start a new recipe but are missing a key tool or ingredient, like a spatula!  (SEE ALSO THIS HILARIOUS URBAN DICTIONARY EXAMPLE)


ive created a free checklist of the top items you must have in your KITCHEN checklist to get started

Adults around the world are becoming freshmen in life as they move in to their first apartments and homes or simply start the journey towards self-sufficiency and independence.

Set yourself up for success by getting the most critical tools first!  We know These stores will convince you to buy every waffle iron and one-use gadget they can!  so, i  took the guess work out so that you aren’t left spatuless when it comes time to prepare your next meal. 

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