Evelyn Cooke: A Woman On A Mission

A personal JOURNEY

Welcome to my world!  Here I strive to make everyone I meet feel as if they can conquer the world by providing opportunities and products that bring joy and special moments..

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MISSED the first pastry art show?

On September 15th I  hosted the very FIRST  Pastry Art Show in NYC!  This one of a kind event seeks to merge the worlds of both contemporary and pastry arts. Watch the recap video now!


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I strive to constantly provide methods of making every person feel special and needed within the world.

WHat drives me

My work is divided into various different creative avenues all sharing the common thread of empowerment, love and education.  Anyone I work with becomes part of my extended family and what I want MOST is to see my family flourish.


What YOU can do

  1. Let me know if you see something you like
  2. Share this site with anyone you think I should work with
  3. Keep being your BEST self!


MY Services



Watch me across my social channels showcasing all of my latest experiments in the pastry world! Like what you see?  Order a treat!


EVERYONE deserves a special day, so I launched an Etsy shop to share my homemade holiday decorations with you




Originally funded completely by ME, since 2015 I have awarded over $4,000 to ambitious African American/Latinx Students. 


Marketing & MORE

After earning a BBA in Marketing from Howard University I have managed marketing projects for many local and multi-million dollar brands. 



“The experience working with Evelyn Cooke was amazing.  You can tell by just speaking with her that she’s very passionate about her work and how seriously she takes getting your order down.  She was attentive, war, and when it came down to delivering the cake, she was on time and was just as excited as I was to eat the cake. Great service, amazing cake.  I will definitely be back!”

Taylor. k



“The cake was delicious! It wasn’t too sweet it was just right.  My favorite part of the cake was the different layers.  Each part was like experiencing a whole separate cake but somehow every layer just seemed to mesh together perfectly.”

Kevin K.




“I saw this most distinct ornament and even though I did not set up a tree, I bought it! Then it shipped in on my Birthday, the 16th, and came with some delicious vegan cookies! Not to mention they’re tied to a scholarship program.  They’re all around great! Please support!”

Tobi O.